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Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m a full-time Real Estate Entrepreneur specializing in Multi-Unit Investing, Transitioning Properties, and Tenant Relations

For over 15 years Sarah has fine-tuned her systems for finding, analyzing, executing, and managing great deals in real estate and has grown a significant portfolio of investment properties both for herself, and her partner-investors. Her deals range from single-family home flips to multi-unit transitions, but over the years it’s the multi-family world that sparks the most passion for Sarah.

“I love the long term horizon of a multi-unit and the challenge of taking a neglected property and bringing it back to a wonderful place for people to live. It’s a win-win for everyone–tenants have a great place, the improved building helps improve the area in the community, and my investors realize long term wealth generation and can be satisfied knowing they helped build something great.”

Sarah uses her expertise to guide others on a path to real estate investing through coaching and training. For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, Sarah offers Joint Venture partnerships, where she implements her expertise to provide solid returns to her investors.

Through managing properties for over a decade, Sarah has developed systems for managing properties efficiently, while also focusing on building Tenant Relations through tenant training. Sarah brings this expertise to all of her deals, but also coaches other investors through tenant challenges and offers training on how to pro-actively manage tenants.

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I’ve been investing in real estate in Northumberland County since 2007. I started out small, doing duplex renovations with my husband in our spare time. We both learned reno skills and did all of our own work including; tiling, drywall, minor plumbing and electrical, window installation, kitchen install etc. In 2012 when my daughter was born, I quit my job as a financial advisor and started work in real estate full time. This is when I started to build my reno team and hired staff to complete our projects. Rental Rehabs Inc and TAG Property Management were born. I officially became a...

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