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Joint Venture Partnerships

JV Partnerships help to build wealth for our investors. We partner on a project, each bringing something different to the deal.

Property Management Systems

I currently manage a team that is responsible for 250 rentals. We’ve built systems to manage as efficiently as possible while providing great service to our tenants and clients.

Private Lending

For investors who would like to have a set and steady return on their funds, we set up private mortgages and notes to use their money to fund our renovations.

Multi-Unit Investing

I love multi-unit investing. It’s a longer-term approach and well worth the time, but an intimidating strategy to get into.

What some of my clients have to say.

In April of 2016, my husband and I invested in a joint venture with Sarah Coupland. He and I own five other investment properties, and out of all of them, we would have to say that our property with Sarah has been the easiest, most trouble-free investment experience of all of them.

Most rentals, especially multi-unit buildings, do not come without their share of problems here and there; tenant issues, repairs, etc. We have not dealt with any issues of any sort for the past four years, despite that, there have certainly been some, and we have therefore not had to worry about anything. Sarah and her company have the experience and knowledge to deal with these situations. We have trusted her and her team to run the building and they have not let us down. They update us and give us information periodically but we have not actually had to lift a finger.

For the last four years we have done nothing but collect some money every now and then, and watch our equity grow! I would certainly recommend a joint venture with Sarah to anyone that is busy and wants a secure investment with little to no worries.

Vicky WilliamsJV Partner

In 2016 Sarah found us a 12 unit property at under $50K per unit, and I could see no reason why not to do this. She created the JV agreement where she was responsible for all of the renovations and property management and except for financing I was hands-off.

After possession, Sarah's team started renovating, re-renting and increased cash flow over the next 2 years. The building was re-appraised for over $90K per unit in 2019. I sold out my share to Sarah and I grossed over $200K capital gains.

The most important part of a Joint Venture is trust. Our agreement clearly stated our participation and end goals. However, there were never any worries or concerns on my part and Sarah and I are onto our next JV, which should conclude in the next few months...and I’m sure #3 is right around the corner.

Jorg NeufeldJV Partner

It has now been close to eight years since I first met Sarah. It was at a local Cobourg landlord meet up
event, when I met a very pregnant Sarah, who was asking and answering questions. I was instantly
impressed. It was after that meeting, that I asked her to manage my area building. At that time, she had
never property managed for anyone else before. However, in the years since, Sarah, and her team have
effectively managed my tenants, helped to renovate and update my building. This has allowed us to
attract better tenants paying higher rents. In fact, compared to the rent I was receiving when we hired
the Tag Management team, their skill and service has actually generated significantly more rent than the
monthly fees they charge. Meaning, even with the management fees, my net income number has
increased, with their help.

Sarah is the leader in the Northumberland and surrounding area, with regards to multi unit investing. If
that is an area one wants to invest in, you can be sure that Sarah knows about the opportunity. She is
engaged with other investors, potential tenants, city representatives, and local municipal organizations.
In short, Sarah is the queen of that region.

She and her team have taken on both major and minor renovations, adding value for her self and any
partners she has. The team can convert nearly any property into a desirable rentable space.

It is that combination of connections, personal knowledge and her team that makes Sarah an ideal joint
venture partner for a potential money investor. She is often able to secure properties at very fair values,
and is able to see opportunities to enhance values of the building and for the investors.
As someone who is also well engrossed in the investment world, and understands the dynamics of real
estate investing, there is a VERY small number of people in this industry that I would consider partnering
with in a joint venture opportunity. Sarah is absolutely one of those people.

Michael DominguezFounder of the Doors to Wealth Real Estate Group

Learn How I Help My Clients Fulfill Their Dreams

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