In this very challenging time, with so many scary and negative things happening in media, I think it’s important to keep positive and promote kindness to those around you. As housing providers, this translates directly to how we interact with our tenants.

Imagine all that people are going through, and then remember that you don’t really know a persons full situation. Physical isolation can have impacts on people emotionally and mentally. Not to mention the extra stress if people are also experiencing job loss or reduction, and financial constraints. Add to that being an educator for their children and you can understand that many people are not necessarily in their best place right now.

We have an opportunity right now to help our tenants through this challenging time by being supportive and kind. By rising above and setting an example for interaction and relationship building that shows that we are looking out for them and able to work with them through this difficulty.

So…if your tenant is having trouble paying rent, or is frustrated because of a maintenance issue, or upset for whatever reason… Take a deep breath, and respond with kindness. Choose your verbiage carefully to reflect concern, understanding, and empathy.

Be proactive when it comes to corresponding with your tenants. Reach out and make sure they are okay. See if there is anything they need to discuss with you. Open communication is a great tool to foster trust and build your relationship with them. Many tenants may not feel comfortable reaching out to you…so let them know that they can.

Not everybody will have positive things to say, and that’s okay. Be prepared to respond with kindness, and you will have done the best that you can, and it may come back to you.

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